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7 Signs You Can Read in His Eyes!

  1. Catch him Looking at you for no reason.  If you catch him looking at you while your gaze was averted, that is an excellent sign that he’s into you. Men often have a hard time preventing themselves from looking at the women they want. He may even be talking to someone else or otherwise engaged which makes this sign even more surefire. To confirm he’s showing interest in this method set yourself up with a reflective surface like a mirror, window or your phone to catch him in the reflection. The easiest way to do this is with a shiny phone screen, position yourself so that you can see him in the reflection than occasionally turn your screen off to see if he’s glancing in your direction.
  2. Excessive Eye Contact. In North America and most of the world, the standard duration for eye contact is about 7 seconds. After 7 seconds people will often look away to emphasize a point, point the other person’s gaze at something or someone, or they will just close their eyes. This is a defense mechanism from our evolution because in prehistoric society long eye contact meant either the desire to fight or to mate. This quirk of evolution is still very valid in today’s society. If you notice him holding eye contact with you for 15, 20 or even 30 seconds at a time it is a surefire sign to know if a guy likes you.
  3. Raised Eyebrows. Another evolutionary signal is if he raises upon first seeing you. This signal was how we would tell one another we knew each other before language could do that job for us. Raising your own eyebrows upon seeing him will also spark this signal of familiarity in his brain because of mirror neurons. With all the signs on this list you can foster a tendency to display them by using them yourself, playing on the brains nature to reflect behavior that it observes.
  4. Pupil Dilation. This is the single most effective way to read his mind. This behavior is completely uncontrollable. If you make eye contact with him and you can see his pupils become bigger at all, (even up to 50% larger) you know that he likes you or feels a connection with you. Look for this in your family’s eyes during bonding times when your laughing and smiling to dial in your eye for seeing it. It is best to practice looking for these signs with people you don’t have rapport with so that you don’t weird him out by looking at him like you’re Sherlock Holmes with a magnifying glass.
  5. He Makes Eye Contact with you When the Group is Laughing. Several studies have shown that when we are laughing with a group of people we tend to look in the direction of who we like the most. Some people know this and you will notice them alternate who they look at during a joke to not alienate anyone but if he consistently looks right at you during the pauses in conversation while everyone is laughing then you know that he is certainly into you.
  6. Glassy Eyes. This is a trait you will see more often in men who lack confidence. This is a sign of nervousness and or vulnerability. It indicates strong emotion present. This is likely to be accompanied by blushing. If he has strong feelings for you or is scared to make a move you will likely see this flushing of his face. It may be a sign that you will have to make the first move. Or in some unfortunate cases, all the moves.
  7. The “Big Eyes” Look. This one is stolen right out of page one of the ladies’ playbook. This is the classic turn your head slightly to the side with your chin pointing down, look up and widen your eyes to make them look bigger and prettier. This is more common in playful men and men who know they’ve got pretty eyes. This is almost always a sure bet that they will respond well to the same look.

Be the Girl of his Dreams

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How to Get a Date with a Guy

This is what you need to assure the best chance of him saying yes.

It is a sales trick that has been getting people to agree to things for DECADES. It is often called Xerox theory after the sales team at Xerox who popularized it although the method can also be found in the popular ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie. The method is based on the fact that the brain likes to be consistent in it’s interactions. An agreeable conversation will tend to stay agreeable and become more and more agreeable throughout the interaction.

So how can I use this?

Start by thinking of a date he would enjoy. For an example lets say he likes to go to live rock shows. You would start off with a leading question.

“Hey do you like rock and roll?”

He’ll surely start saying yes and nodding.

“Do you like to go to live rock shows?”

It helps to also pull in the psychological trick of subtly nodding while asking what you want him to agree to.

“I love seeing bands play at this venue. It’s always such a good time. Would you like to go with me sometime?”

‘Sometime’ is extremely easy to agree to.

“Great! When works for you?”

This is a classic example of a sales funnel that leads him into saying yes. This is the most effective way of getting a date with a guy if he’s already interested in you, and it is also an easy train to jump off if things start looking like maybe you misread him.  Just change the subject before inviting him out with you if he doesn’t seem agreeable and you can always try again in future.

Go on and turn the tables. It is the twenty-first century and there is no room any longer for getting stuck into gender roles. Women all over the world are taking power back from misogynistic men by taking their love life INTO THEIR OWN HANDS. It’s time you do the same. Go get em!


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